​Command Line Interface

The elevator comes with a bundled script which you can use to elevate STIX 1.1.1 - 1.2.1 content to STIX 2.0 content:

usage: stix2_elevator [-h] [--incidents] [--no-squirrel-gaps]
          [--package-created-by-id PACKAGE_CREATED_BY_ID]
          [--default-timestamp DEFAULT_TIMESTAMP]
          [--validator-args VALIDATOR_ARGS]
          [-e ENABLE] [-d DISABLE] [-s]
          [--message-log-directory MESSAGE_LOG_DIRECTORY]
          [--log-level {DEBUG,INFO,WARN,ERROR,CRITICAL}]
          [-m MARKINGS_ALLOWED] [-p {no_policy,strict_policy}]
          [-v --version VERSION]

stix2-elevator v1.2.0

The stix2-elevator is a work-in-progress. It should be used to explore how existing STIX 1.x would potentially be represented in STIX 2.0. Using the current version of the stix2-elevator will provide insight to issues that might need to be mitigated to convert your STIX 1.x content.

positional arguments:

file          The input STIX 1.x document to be elevated.

optional arguments:

-h, --help
              Show this help message and exit

              Do not include STIX 1.x content that cannot be
              represented directly in STIX 2.0 using the description

--package-created-by-id PACKAGE_CREATED_BY_ID
              Use provided identifier for "created_by_ref"

              Example: --package-created-by-id "identity--1234abcd-1a12-12a3-0ab4-1234abcd5678"

--default-timestamp DEFAULT_TIMESTAMP
              Use provided timestamp for properties that require a

              Example: --default-timestamp "2016-11-15T13:10:35.053000Z"

--validator-args VALIDATOR_ARGS
              Arguments to pass to stix-validator.

              Default: --strict-types

              Example: --validator-args="-v --strict-types -d 212"

-e ENABLE, --enable ENABLE
              A comma-separated list of the stix2-elevator messages
              to enable. If the --disable option is not used, no
              other messages will be shown.

              Example: --enable 250

-d DISABLE, --disable DISABLE
              A comma-separated list of the stix2-elevator messages
              to disable.

              Example: --disable 212,220

-s, --silent
              If this flag is set, all stix2-elevator messages will
              be disabled.

--message-log-directory MESSAGE_LOG_DIRECTORY
              If this flag is set, all stix2-elevator messages will
              be saved to a file. The name of the file will be the
              input file with extension .log in the specified

              Note, make sure the directory already exists.

              Example: --message-log-directory "../logs".

              The logging output level.

              Avoid error exit, if these markings types
              (as specified via their python class names) are in the
              content, but not supported by the elevator. Specify as
              a comma-separated list.

              Example: --markings-allowed "ISAMarkingsAssertion,ISAMarkings"

-p {no_policy,strict_policy}, --policy {no_policy,strict_policy}
              The policy to deal with errors

-v, --version VERSION
              The version of stix 2 to be produced

              Default: 2.0

Refer to the Warning Messages section for all stix2-elevator messages. Use the associated code number to --enable or --disable a message. By default, the stix2-elevator displays all messages.

Note: disabling the message does not disable any functionality.